Region 3 Director:  Sherry Sejnost


Tracy Billie, Co-President
Laura Riley, Co-President
Sheila Ruh, President-Elect
Ann Peters, Vice President
Laura Kelly, Recording Secretary
Tory Dellinges, Corresponding Secretary
Kari Bauerlein, Treasurer
Kristin Kolodziej, Membership


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PARC Bylaws - Chartered January 1992 


Spring 2023

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Winter 2022

Fall 2021

Upcoming Events

April 17, 2023:  Prairie Area Reading Council will host Painting with STEM & Literature with Laura Riley from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Westmont Community Center, 75 East Richmond Street, Westmont, Illinois.

March 14-15, 2024:  Illinois Reading Council will host the 55th Annual IRC Conference in Springfield, Illinois.  Please take a moment to peruse the highlights planned for 2024.



For more information about the upcoming events, email the council president.