The Vision of the Illinois Reading Council

The Illinois Reading Council advocates for high-quality literacy opportunities that empower all learners.  As a leading literacy organization, the IRC provides access to research, materials, and methodologies to teach literacy and promote lifelong learning.  As an active well-organized system of local and special interest councils and state committees, the IRC provides a supportive network for grassroots involvement and the exchange of information for a diverse membership.

What is the Illinois Reading Council?

Since 1968, the Illinois Reading Council (IRC) has been a nonprofit professional organization whose members promote reading and literacy for people of all ages.  It has 27 local councils in communities in Illinois and 5 special interest statewide councils. Our members continue to provide support and leadership to all who promote and teach lifelong literacy.

Purposes of the Illinois Reading Council:

  • To improve the quality of reading instruction at all levels

  • To provide a local and statewide network of teachers and administrators associated with literacy issues

  • To support the activities of the local reading councils and provide a concentrated focus about literacy issues

  • To sponsor conferences and meetings to implement the purposes of the council

  • To stimulate and promote literacy research

  • To disseminate knowledge helpful in the solution of problems related to reading

  • To recognize and honor outstanding educators, authors, journalists, and others for significant contributions to reading and language arts

What does your membership include?

The Illinois Reading Council publishes newsletters and journals. These publications provide members with current news, events and research. Members also have access to empowering literacy webinars throughout the school year and opportunities to participate in online book clubs.  Each member may join one of our 32 local councils or special interest councils. The price of joining a local or special council is included in the $50 fee. To join additional local or special interest councils, it is an additional $15 per council.  Every local council operates differently to meet the needs of their area. Most councils hold local events such as speakers or Family Reading Nights at their libraries. The Illinois Reading Council also holds a statewide annual conference each year. This event features many popular authors, exhibitors, and the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues from all over the state.

Join the Illinois Reading Council to promote reading and literacy for all ages.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Illinois Reading Council. IRC offers parents, teachers, and communities the opportunity to share the fun of literacy for all ages through local and statewide events.  IRC also offers a discount to preservice teachers who have not yet been certified in the teaching profession and are working toward an initial teaching certificate. 

By mail or fax, return this membership form (pdf file) with your preferred payment to:

Illinois Reading Council
1100 Beech Street
Building 8, Suite 2
Normal, IL 61761-1836
or by fax to (309) 454-3512

Or, join today with the Online Membership Form.


For more information, contact us at [email protected].