Spring 2024      Volume 52, Number 2

Digital Literacy with Spanish-English Books: Examining the Ecology of Reading in Bilingual Households
By Samina Hadi-Tabassum and Marlene Galvez

Document: Article  

Introductory Paragraph:  This article is an evaluation study of a digital literacy platform called Worldreader, which provides hundreds of bilingual books at no cost for families to read at home on their digital devices. Home literacy practices such as reading books online remain a vital area of research in literacy studies as parents and caretakers are often a child’s primary literacy-educators, before and beyond school (Aliagas & Margallo, 2016). After 2011, a five-fold increase in the ownership of tablet devices (e.g., Kindle, Android, Apple iPad) among families with children led to a shift in the family literacy practices of shared reading with young readers in our homes (Common Sense Media, 2013). During the COVID-19 pandemic, families relied on digital devices for remote learning; however, caregivers often mentioned they received little to no notice about the school’s digital program, were frustrated with the uncertainty of how to balance their child’s screen time at home with their school technology use, and expressed interest in learning ways they might “mirror” how teachers use devices and literacy apps for reading (Donohue & Aladé, 2022).

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.33600/IRCJ.52.2.2024.3

Page Numbers:   3-19

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