Spring 2023      Volume 51, Number 2

Finding Common Ground: Understanding Ourselves and the World Through Literature:  Dreaming of Other Possibilities, Magic, and Mayhemy
By Jung Kim and Deborah Augsburger

Document: Article  

Introductory Paragraph:  The current realities of today are difficult. From governmental disturbances to climate change to eroding human rights, there is much to leave us discouraged. Yet, books always invite us to dream and wonder and hope. They challenge us to learn about others different from us, imagine worlds never before seen, discover possibilities for love and friendship, and offer us respite. Some of the books in this issue cover serious issues like climate change and pandemics, others are pure magic and romance, and still others are “all of the above.” However, they all offer dreams of other possibilities to the reader. Even the most serious books in this column still offer a light in the darkness. We hope you find them as intriguing as we did.

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.33600/IRCJ.51.2.2023.29

Page Numbers:   29-33

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