Fall 2022      Volume 50, Number 4

Text Complexity and Fluency in the Elementary Grades
By Tara Osborn and Susan L. Massey

Document: Article 

Introductory Paragraph:  Past research was reviewed and summarized to identify and explain what impact text complexity has in the elementary grades as it is a stated requirement within the Common Core State Standards. When reviewing the literature, attention was focused on the impact using complex texts has on students’ reading fluency and comprehension as well as the support teachers provide when using such texts. Teachers commonly struggle with determining the most appropriate texts to use with students. Different processes, strategies, and suggestions are provided in the recommendations that can be used in school settings to support teachers to understand, decipher, and implement the staircase of text complexity with their students’ instruction while working to also improve students’ reading fluency and comprehension.

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.33600/IRCJ.50.4.2022.11

Page Numbers:   11-25

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