Fall 2021      Volume 49, Number 4

Collaboration and Clinical Experiences: Stories of Partnerships
By Thomas P. Crumpler, Brittney Minton, and Amy Schumacher

Document: Article

Introductory Paragraph:  Collaboration between members of a learning community, in our case, between elementary classroom teachers and Midwest university course instructors (MUCIs), is effective in helping students increase learning and achievement, and is crucial in the design and implementation of clinical experiences in literacy. This yearlong action research study investigated collaboration between a university and its partnering laboratory school in a redesigned clinical experience for teacher interns in an elementary education program. Specifically, elementary classroom teachers and MUCIs were co-researchers who examined collaborative processes driving redesigned experiences in elementary classrooms.  Findings indicated that relational trust and composing and listening to teacher stories and honoring teacher voices are critical. Implications for designing richer collaborative partnerships are discussed.

DOI:   https://doi.org/10.33600/IRCJ.49.4.2021.3

Page Numbers:   3-12

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