The Illinois Reading Council Journal seeks manuscripts dealing with topics, issues, and events of interest to educators involved in literacy programs at all levels of education.
The complete review process takes approximately 10-16 weeks.  Upon receipt of a manuscript, an initial review will be conducted and feedback sent to the author.  Manuscripts accepted for peer review will be evaluated by at least two reviewers who are uninformed as to the identity of the author. The editor will compile notes from the reviewers and send feedback to the author including whether the article has been accepted for publication and any requests for revision   Manuscripts are evaluated in terms of interest, quality of writing, appropriate documentation of ideas, uniqueness, and needs of the journal. Research articles should include a clear description of the methodology and should be written in a style that will be readable by classroom teachers.  The final decision for acceptance of manuscripts resides with the editor. Please review articles in the journal before submitting manuscripts for consideration.  Any questions about the submission process should be directed to Roxanne Owens, IRCJ Editor, by email at [email protected] 
1.     Anonymize the manuscript text: Remove any names or references to the author(s) and affiliated institutions.
  • (clearly marked placeholders may be employed, e.g. [Author Name]; [Name of Institution])
2.     Text Formatting: In general, apply APA style guidelines to your text.
  • (e.g. Times New Roman 12 point or a similar serif font, double spaced, 1-inch margins etc.)
3.     File type: Save the manuscript as a MS Word document .doc or docx.
  • (MS Word is used to provide in-text comments and revisions, so please do not submit pdf., .pages or .rtf )
4.     The file name should conform to the following format:
  • article v1_{title of article}_mm-dd-yy (date of submission)
  • example: article v1_Reading and literacy are essential_5-10-20
6.     The file name for the cover letter should conform to the following format:
  • cover_{title of article}_mm-dd-yy (date of submission)
  • example: cover_Reading and literacy are essential_5-10-20
7.     Click on the button below to complete the form and upload your documents.