46th Annual Illinois Statewide
Young Authors Conference

May 21, 2022

Normal Community West High School
501 N Parkside Rd, Normal, Illinois

The Illinois Statewide Young Authors' Conference, will be held in May at Normal Community West High School, 501 N Parkside Rd, Normal, Illinois, is an event sponsored by the Illinois Language and Literacy Council.
Designed as a celebration to honor exceptional writing by students in grades K through 8, the conference provides an opportunity for these young writers to meet published authors and to hear how the authors themselves create the characters and stories that have become their books.
To find out more about the Young Authors Conference, please click on these helpful links:
  • Hotel Map:  Locations of hotels in Bloomington-Normal.
  • Directions:  Directions to Normal Community West High School, 501 N. Parkside Rd, Normal, Illinois.
  • Facilities Map Locations of classrooms at Normal Community West High School Campus.
  • Dining Guide:  List of things to do and popular restaurants in the Bloomington-Normal area.
  • Volunteer Form Volunteers are needed! This conference can only be held with the help of the many adult volunteers who lead or assist small groups, escort authors, or perform other necessary tasks throughout the day. If you can help in any way, please contact Sue Anderson at [email protected].
  • Student Congratulatory Packet:  Packets include check-in information for students, the conference schedule, biographies of the Illinois authors and entertainers who are participating in the conference, and frequently asked questions about the conference.  Available online after March 30, 2022.
  • Meet the Authors:  Bios are available for the guest authors, storytellers, and parent speaker.  Available online by May 1, 2022.

Updated information will also be communicated via FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  Please "LIKE" us at Illinois Young Author's Conference on Facebook! or join us on Twitter at @ilyoungauthor

More information about other ILLC events, ILLC officers and committee members, and past ILLC newsletters are available on the ILLC Webpage

Unfortunately, ILLC does not keep copies of any of the manuscripts that are submitted, in fact, we never actually possess them. Each young author brings their manuscript with them to the conference and them takes them back home that day. Our certificates are printed prior to the conference, then handed out to our authors, and again we do not keep copies. Over the
40+ years of Young Authors we would have amassed an interesting and wonderful collection had we been able to keep a copy of every submission!

For more information, please contact Ruth Stevig (by email at [email protected] or by phone at 847-526-8798) or Sue Anderson (by email at [email protected] or by phone 630-988-9833).  Otherwise, please feel to contact the ILLC President, Leslie Forsman, for other information.